I found Maia after too many years of not singing in public and fearful that recent aggressive cancer treatment would have irreparably damaged my voice.  With Maia’s skill and gentle encouragement I have been able to slowly rediscover my instrument and work with the changes.  I know that I am in the hands of a professional who keeps up with the latest research and also has the uncanny knack of finding just the right songs to inspire me to continue the journey.  It is also a pleasure to spend time in her warm and engaging company.

Nicola & Lucy

My daughter was keen to pursue a future in musical theatre, but had previously had no formal singing training. I heard, from a friend at my daughter’s dance school how well her child had progressed under Maia’s tuition.
After a half hour taster session, Lucy, my daughter was bubbling with enthusiasm, she felt she’d learnt more about her voice and how to use it than every before! She found Maia relaxed and friendly and in turn felt that she could sing in a relaxed environment, which I’m sure has been conducive to her progress. 
Lucy has been successful at two auditions since having singing lessons with MHVS. Maia prepared her in a way that her song was technically strong and was an all round performance. She had also learnt from Maia, how to prepare her voice before audition – knowing exactly how to warm up and which specific vocal exercises would be good for her in particular.Every week Lucy explores new songs and is adding to her repertoire and in doing so she is expanding her vocal range, learning how to support her voice properly and in general developing her vocal muscle. Perhaps more importantly, Lucy is really enjoying her sessions and has recently increased to half hour session to an hour. I’m over the moon with Lucy’s progress and even happier to see my child come out of each lesson excited and wanting more.


“I (after being a student of Maia’s vocal coaching) asked Maia to sing me down the aisle on my wedding day in February 2014. I think this in itself speaks volumes about how Maia is as a teacher, singer and person. 
As a teacher, Maia’s approach was always tailored to my individual needs. I got to sing songs I was comfortable with, whilst always focusing on pushing me forward and developing strong technique.
As a performer, Maia is a consummate professional and took time to ensure that her performance was exactly what we wanted for our celebration. All the feedback we received after the wedding was incredibly positive – Maia’s singing was out of this world and we would recommend her to anyone!”


“I contacted Maia as I was keen to be able  to add a voice to occasional get togethers with some old band mates which previously didn’t include a singer. Maia has shown a real ability to understand what I wanted to get from lessons and we have worked on really relevant material as a result.The results have been much increased confidence in my singing and whilst the lessons have certainly challenged me, I have had a great deal of fun along the way.”


“Having not sung for 2 years, I wished to rekindle my love of singing and so  I looked on the net and chose Maia. I can honestly say that she has rekindled my enthusiasm for singing and my  technique and confidence have improved immeasurably. We have worked on a joint programme of songs to learn and I feel confident  in now singing some difficult numbers. I look forward to the weekly lessons!”


“Maia is a fantastic teacher who has really helped to raise my confidence when singing in front of other people. Additionally, I have started to trust and believe in my vocal abilities which is due to Maia’s encouraging and welcoming nature. I would highly recommend Maia as a vocal coach to anyone and everyone as she is a joy to be around and her energy is infectious.”


“I have always been a very nervous singer but as an actress I feel its an important skill to master. I came to Maia’s first lesson a bag of nerves but was welcomed by a lovely, witty person with a big smile on her face.  From here on my confidence has grown in abundance and it is thanks to the nature in which Maia teaches. We work towards goals, honing in on my specific strengths and weaknesses which has helped me discover my voice. Every lesson is a challenge and tailored to me and my requirements; very much a orientated around what I hope to achieve and what I am after as a singing student. I would highly recommend Maia to all genders and ages, no matter what your voice, Maia’s your gal!”

Rachel & Molly

“To be able to ask to focus on set pieces outside the exam curriculum is a real bonus.  Molly has had a couple of auditions and a recital for a family function and on all occasions Maia has made time within the lessons to focus on the delivery of these within limited timescales.
We’ve also found that Maia focuses on the ability of the voice and tailors the song/exam board to match the style which is a variance on previous experience.
As a mum, I have also found Maia adaptable to Molly’s ever increasing extra-curricular activities and has rearranged lessons to suit……so great to have this flexibility with all the other pressures on a daily basis.”


“I was searching for vocal lessons when I first moved to Newbury. I am studying Music at college and wanted lessons that would support the work I do there. MHVS’ prices were really competitive and lessons were easy for me to travel to.
Maia is very down to earth, someone you can talk to, and laugh with. That for me is a really great quality in someone who teaches, as it made me feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Thanks to Maia, I am learning how to use my voice properly, without straining. I’m learning how to warm up my voice, how to control it, and how to reach notes I didn’t think possible. All these factors are really helping me feel more confident with my singing.
When I started singing lessons, I had a short vocal range. After a few months of lessons, my vocal range has extended by quite a bit in both directions and I am far more confident in my ability to control the sound I am creating. I have also started singing different styles of songs that I didn’t know I liked. Maia has encouraged me to explore repertoire that is outside of my comfort zone and this has really helped me to develop my own personal sound.I would definitely recommend Maia to anyone thinking of  having lessons. I am starting to prepare for singing exams and I am working towards my dream career.”


“MHVS is amazing! I met Maia in September 2016 following a recommendation.  I came to Maia as someone who loves to sing but has no confidence in my singing voice whatsoever – an issue that has been with me for over 30years!  If I were to reveal this fact to the people that know me well, I am sure they would never believe it as I am perfectly comfortable presenting to a room full of people – it wouldn’t occur to them that they have never ever heard me sing.
Over the last 6 months of singing a variety of different songs, my confidence has increased enormously, I have begun to grasp the basics of singing from sheet music and my breath control and understanding of how breath is used in singing is improving all the time.  It is fascinating to learn how our voices create sound and to gain the skills to control those sounds.  Maia is also possibly the most patient person I know, I don’t read music, sometimes lose my place whilst singing and am prone to bursting into a fit of giggles when the warm ups amuse me.  The lessons so far have enabled me to reach a point where I was ready to have my singing recorded and I have even had extra sessions singing with my 8 year old daughter which was great fun.  I wholeheartedly recommend Maia.”


I’ve been attending lessons with Maia for a few months now. As a performer I would like to add singing to the repertoire of things I do on stage, not just in the shower.
Sadly I’m not a natural singer, and practical abilities were somewhat lacking.
Maia is kind and patient – she allows me to work at my own pace, and yet still pushes for improvements and refinements. She has an incredible ability to explain complicated dynamics and physical aspects in a way easy to understand and engage with. Lessons are always enjoyable, fun and encouraging – and I always leave feeling that I’ve made progress and achieved within our sessions.
I would encourage anyone who is considering taking up singing – or returning to it after a period of absence – to meet with Maia and discover what an encouraging, understanding and amazing teacher she is.”

Hazel & Abi

“My daughter (age 11) started lessons with MHVS approximately 6 months ago and I can safely say it is money well spent.
First and foremost, my daughter loves her lessons. That was very important for us. We looked online and after reading what Maia was all about we said immediately that she would be a good fit. And I am happy to say we were correct. My daughter has excellent tuition and is given points to work on for the next lesson. She is definitely improving and also learning to take care of her voice. She now has the opportunity to work toward exams and perhaps enter competitions.”


“When the band I had been in for over 10 years split up, I wanted to carry on with some form of musical performance but, being no Eric Clapton on guitar, I realised that I really need to be able to sing to some extent. So I came to MHVS to find out whether I had any potential singing ability and, if so, to build enough confidence to stand up in front of an audience.
I don’t think I’m naturally a very outgoing person and the idea of singing on my own in public scared me because it really feels like you’re putting yourself ‘out there’. I did feel nervous going to my first lesson but Maia very quickly put me at ease and I have found her very easy and fun to work with from the start. Because I had some ideas about the songs I was interested in, I have found Maia very open to tailoring lessons around these. Although one thing I have learned is that just because you like a song doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea to try and sing it! I really value the positive encouragement and honest feedback I get from Maia – I have been surprised at how much there is to learn and think about even when singing a ‘simple’ rock song. Perhaps more importantly, I have been amazed by how much singing really lifts your mood and makes you feel better about life in general!
If you feel any inclination at all to try singing then I strongly recommend you book a taster session – you’ll have a lot of fun and you might just surprise yourself! “

Liz & Kathryn

“I was looking for one-to-one singing lessons for my 11-year-old daughter Kathryn, who is considering a career in musical theatre, as I wanted her to have a good singing technique and learn how to properly look after her voice. After trying out a few different teachers, we chose Maia as we found her lessons to be the perfect balance of fun but a solid learning experience and most importantly, Kathryn felt the most comfortable with her.  Kathryn’s singing voice has undoubtedly improved after just a few months of lessons. I really appreciate that Maia provides consistent feedback and I feel she has really understood how to get the best from Kathryn. I am very confident that Kathryn will learn a lot more from Maia moving forwards. If you are considering singing lessons for your child, then I wholeheartedly recommend trying a tester lesson with Maia”

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