“I was searching for vocal lessons when I first moved to Newbury. I am studying Music at college and wanted lessons that would support the work I do there. MHVS’ prices were really competitive and lessons were easy for me to travel to.
Maia is very down to earth, someone you can talk to, and laugh with. That for me is a really great quality in someone who teaches, as it made me feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Thanks to Maia, I am learning how to use my voice properly, without straining. I’m learning how to warm up my voice, how to control it, and how to reach notes I didn’t think possible. All these factors are really helping me feel more confident with my singing.
When I started singing lessons, I had a short vocal range. After a few months of lessons, my vocal range has extended by quite a bit in both directions and I am far more confident in my ability to control the sound I am creating. I have also started singing different styles of songs that I didn’t know I liked. Maia has encouraged me to explore repertoire that is outside of my comfort zone and this has really helped me to develop my own personal sound.I would definitely recommend Maia to anyone thinking of  having lessons. I am starting to prepare for singing exams and I am working towards my dream career.”

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