My daughter was keen to pursue a future in musical theatre, but had previously had no formal singing training. I heard, from a friend at my daughter’s dance school how well her child had progressed under Maia’s tuition.
After a half hour taster session, Lucy, my daughter was bubbling with enthusiasm, she felt she’d learnt more about her voice and how to use it than every before! She found Maia relaxed and friendly and in turn felt that she could sing in a relaxed environment, which I’m sure has been conducive to her progress. 
Lucy has been successful at two auditions since having singing lessons with MHVS. Maia prepared her in a way that her song was technically strong and was an all round performance. She had also learnt from Maia, how to prepare her voice before audition – knowing exactly how to warm up and which specific vocal exercises would be good for her in particular.Every week Lucy explores new songs and is adding to her repertoire and in doing so she is expanding her vocal range, learning how to support her voice properly and in general developing her vocal muscle. Perhaps more importantly, Lucy is really enjoying her sessions and has recently increased to half hour session to an hour. I’m over the moon with Lucy’s progress and even happier to see my child come out of each lesson excited and wanting more.

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