From Practice to Performance

At MHVS, we encourage and support students in their vocal ambitions. Whatever your personal goal is, Maia is dedicated to helping you achieve it. For some, this may be taking the step, with confidence, to join a local choir; for others it may be to improve their on-stage performance and for some for it may be the start of a life-long career in music. To support the work done in lessons, MHVS also offers the opportunity to gain valuable performance experience through a yearly showcase. All students are encouraged to take part (although it is not mandatory) and it has proven to be a rewarding and very enjoyable event for all involved.

MHVS Showcase 2019

This summer’s showcase was a great success. Students of all ages came together to share the work they had done, supported by a very receptive audience!

Last week was such a good experience. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to perform…. The reasons I wanted to focus on music more was to improve technique and confidence, and also to share music and meet like-minded musos. Last week definitely ticked that box, so thank you!

It was a fab evening – thoroughly enjoyed it! It was inspiring to hear what your other students are doing and to see such talent, especially in the younger students. I know you made sure to thank everyone for participating but you should give yourself huge credit because we wouldn’t be where we are now without you and it couldn’t have all come together like that without your energy and enthusiasm. Thanks again!

Thank you for organising such a delightful evening, we really enjoyed it. And so much talent! What they have in common… a wonderfully inspiring and caring teacher!

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