“MHVS is amazing! I met Maia in September 2016 following a recommendation.  I came to Maia as someone who loves to sing but has no confidence in my singing voice whatsoever – an issue that has been with me for over 30years!  If I were to reveal this fact to the people that know me well, I am sure they would never believe it as I am perfectly comfortable presenting to a room full of people – it wouldn’t occur to them that they have never ever heard me sing.
Over the last 6 months of singing a variety of different songs, my confidence has increased enormously, I have begun to grasp the basics of singing from sheet music and my breath control and understanding of how breath is used in singing is improving all the time.  It is fascinating to learn how our voices create sound and to gain the skills to control those sounds.  Maia is also possibly the most patient person I know, I don’t read music, sometimes lose my place whilst singing and am prone to bursting into a fit of giggles when the warm ups amuse me.  The lessons so far have enabled me to reach a point where I was ready to have my singing recorded and I have even had extra sessions singing with my 8 year old daughter which was great fun.  I wholeheartedly recommend Maia.”

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